Hurricane Dorian

Your team at CBC has worked hard to prepare the property for Hurricane Dorian.  Preparations led by Phil, included placing all pool/deck chairs in the pool, tables in the sheds.  All bicycles & kayaks were cut if they weren't removed and placed in the storage locker hallways.  All residents were asked to being in everything off lanai's, for those who didn't respond, office employees brought your belongings in. The flag was taken down, grills tops were bungy corded closed.  All garbage cans emptied and brought inside. Any potted plants brought in.  Christopher our property manager stayed overnight for days to help with any issues & worked to help, Susan came back after hours & pitched in.  Sandbags were being filled close by with the City of NSB, residents helped each other with this as well.  All in all we feel CBC is ready to brace Dorian.  

If you see, Phil, Christopher, Susan, Ron & Pam, Margaret W, Ritch & Ramona, Ed Linquist, Jim  please thank them for the job well done in securing CBC and your units.  

We are posting some before the storm photos and as soon as  we can get back to CBC  will post after photos & updates.

Stay Safe Everyone!